“Today was everything I didn’t know I needed and I loved every minute of it!”


From start to finish the BIB Conference was motivating, welcoming and jam packed with information.

The first conference that I have seen in Darwin with such a diverse and engaging line up of speakers it did not disappoint. I got so much great information through the day and left feeling a renewed passion to better my business along with gaining some great new connections!

Jen Pocock

Wombat Online Admin

The Belong in Business conference delivered a unique learning experience to Darwin. The speakers gave insightful information into all different aspects of business, sales and marketing. The event provided great opportunity for networking and making new connections.

Jasmin O’Daniel

Insurance Professional

As someone who had not long stepped off the tools and into a senior management role within a company that was new to the Territory and charged with growth and expansion, I took a lot out of the Belong conference. Listening and chatting with people who are all at the top of their field genuinely gets all the creative juices flowing and helped me to direct and grow the business. I would highly recommend the 2023 conference to anybody no matter what field you are in.

Ryan Amos

GGC Scaffolding

Today was everything I didn’t know I needed and I loved every minute of it! I couldn’t even give you just one takeaway from today as there were just so so many!

My brain is completely full! Not from people “talking at me all day”, but people bringing genuine tips tricks ams energy to small businesses and employees! Such valuable information I will be able to use every day. So thank you again!

Brooke Woods

Gallagher’s Insurance